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Smart Engines software is the natural choice for system integration engineers who wish to ensure their customers remain at the forefront of digital transformation.

System integration engineers choose Smart Engines software to ensure their customers remain at the cutting edge of computer vision technologies as part of their wider digital transformation.

For example, integrating Smart Engines document recognition technology in mobile applications significantly cuts down the time wasted on data entry to a mere one or two seconds. Users need only display an MRZ document in front of their smartphone camera, and the relevant data is automatically entered into the appropriate fields for further processing.


Leading systems integrator in Romania working in B2B and B2G sectors, S&T Romania, have chosen document recognition technologies in mobile applications, developed by specialists from Smart Engines.

S&T Romania is a subsidiary of S&T System Integration and Technology Distribution AG, a corporation based in Austria. The company’s activities include software development, consulting, projects management and technical support for customers.

A High Quality MRZ Reader

In scope of the project lead by S&T Romania, Smart Engines delivered a high-quality machine-readable zone (MRZ) recognition solution for Android mobile devices to be used by more than 20 000 agents.

The mrz engine reduces the time for data entry

The integration of Smart Engines’ document recognition technology in mobile application allows to decrease the time needed to enter the personal data down to 1-2 seconds. The user only needs to show the MRZ document zone to the smartphone’s camera. After that the recognized data is entered automatically in appropriate fields of the application for further processing.

Engines: mrz engine

Smart Engines’ document recognition solution in video-stream is for us not only a compliance with modern trends of intense functionality increase for the mobile services, but also high-quality data recognition itself.

Cristian Necula

Managing Director S&T

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Test Drive Our Smart Engines

A range of free demo apps for intelligent document procesing allows you to experience the power of Smart Engines software in a real-world context.

Why not experience the power of Smart Engines for yourself? Our free demo apps allow you to test the capabilities of our identity document recognition software on mobile devices and scanners.

Simply display any document to the camera, allow the app to recognise and capture the necessary data, then store in a file, form or work sheet.

Demo apps require access to the camera on your smartphone or device. Some will also request access to the photo gallery in order to demonstrate single-photo document recognition. Others include ‘Make a request’ functionality to enable the sending of information from your e-mail application to the Smart Engines sales department.

Demo apps do not make any copies of your data and never send data to external servers.

Recognition is performed entirely on the device with the sole purpose of allowing you to test the capabilities for yourself. Rest assured that our demos contain no malware or viruses.

Download a demo from Google Play or the App Store only to ensure you use the latest official app.

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