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We supply the banking industry with best-in-class technology to accelerate customer onboarding in addition to loan and credit card applications.

Smart Engines OCR technologies deliver the advanced digital services that allow fin-tech organisations to optimise their customer experiences across front desk, online and mobile. By removing the need for manual input, the Smart Engines OCR SDK minimises the time, effort and human error involved while ensuring procedures remain fully compliant.

Passport Engine streamlines the entire loan application process, allowing customers to to scan the relevant documents instead of entering data manually and minimising the time and effort involved.

Bank Card Engine transforms the process of payment transactions within mobile apps. The bank card recognition module quickly captures the card number, expiry date, and cardholder name from any kind of card including embossed and indent, in any position and in any light.

Fast. Easy. Ingenious.
Smart Engines software allows an app to instantly recognise a long list of documents: passports, driving licenses, vehicle registration ID, and vehicle license numbers. Customers need only take a picture of the relevant document. The Smart Engines recognition module will capture the necessary data and automatically enter it into the application in less than a minute.


Dukascopy Bank integrated Smart Engines MRZ recognition module into its online mobile banking and trading platform.

Dukascopy Bank is Switzerland based bank that provides online mobile banking, financial and trading services through the SWFX – Swiss FX Marketplace, the Dukascopy’s ECN proprietary technological solution and registered trademark.

Ducascopy Bank was looking for a document recognition service provider with an extensive expertise in computer vision. When choosing the solution, the cross-platform nature of the software has been an important aspect in making the final decision since the company wanted to integrate the OCR SDK into both server platforms and mobile applications. The other important aspect was stability of results, speed and the size of the OCR library.

The solution from Smart Engines met all the requirements. Owing to company’s proven track record of independent approaches that solve various problems related to recognition; the versatility of Smart Engines solution (meaning it can be integrated into mobile, desktop and server platforms); and last but not least, high reliability and repeatability of results, fast speed, and an extensive OCR library, — Smart Engines OCR solution ticked all the boxes.

Dukascopy Bank opted for MRZ recognition module since it complies with data security regulations that exist in those jurisdictions where the company operates.

Engines: mrz engine

We were delighted to meet a team of passionate professionals who successfully turn scientific approaches into stable solutions for numerous companies in the financial sector. We also appreciate the openness of Smart Engines team and the willingness to provide operational technical support. The integration of Smart Engines OCR solution enables our bank to take a new step towards convenience and speed of remote customer service, which allows us to get closer to our goal — let our customers open bank accounts in a matter of 5 minutes.


Tinkoff is Russia’s first and only direct bank with over 5 million customers. CS Group PLC, the bank holding company has been listed on the London stock exchange since October 2013.

As one of the highest-scoring independent bank in Russia, Tinkoff Bank relies on cutting edge technology to achieve the smoothest and most convenient delivery of its products to its clients. With absolutely no retail branches, this customer-centric bank serves its clients remotely via online channels and its call center. Thus, the automatization and simplification of data manipulation becomes essential for this fintech company.

The challenge that faces Smart Engines to make Tinkoff‘s vision a reality.

Tinkoff Bank’s vision was to simplify data entry in their mobile applications infrastructure to improve the speed and accuracy of the bank’s representative when registering client’s data. The immediate consequence is to save Tinkoff ‘s clients’ time by improving in the meantime their experience. The bank signed up a partnership with Smart Engines for their OCR bank cards and ID recognition solution.

Powered by the Smart Engines technology, those 2 solutions allowed Tinkoff Bank to recognize all digital and alphabetic fields on bank cards to automatically extract not only the card number, but also the expiration date and card holder name. This functionality has become relevant for Tinkoff Bank with the need to enter clients’ full information about the card when carrying out various payment transactions.

The bank card engine module has provided high quality recognition in various lighting conditions, for any background images of cards, as well as when entering data from old bank cards. The achieved precision of bankcard numbers is currently reaching a staggering 99.52% of successful recognition.

In addition, Tinkoff Bank uses on server-side the Smart Engines solutions in order to analyze scans and photographs of ID by creating a whole ecosystem of innovative document processing technology.

As at 1 August 2017, the bank was the second largest player in the Russian credit card market, with market share of 11, 5%.

We are actively integrating the technologies which allows to save our clients’ time and which are improving the user experience. The solutions of Smart Engines for recognition of various identity documents allowed us to simplify user data entry on mobile devices and in web-services.

Vyacheslav Tsyganov

VP & CIO Tinkoff Bank


Alfa-Bank is one of largest private commercial banks in Russia.

Alfa-Bank has introduced technology for clients’ authentication. To on-board new customers and process their applications for various banking products, the bank employees simply need to point the passport to the camera of the smartphone and hold it for a couple of seconds. The newly integrated recognition module by Smart Engines will capture and extract all the necessary data from the document and then automatically enter it into the relevant fields of the application form.
Before, the whole onboarding process had to be done manually. Smart Passport Reader recognizes documents in a video stream on the device itself without transferring images to external IT systems for processing. The system does not rely on computing capabilities of the device and is not very demanding — it is optimized to work even on smartphones with low-resolution video cameras.

Alfa-Bank has always been one of the first to introduce new innovative services to satisfy the convenience of its clients, ensuring fast and safe customer service. Using Smart Engines solutions in our mobile applications is interesting in terms of improving user experience and working with personal data.

Alexei Ermakov

Director of development of the premium segment of the retail business

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