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Smart Engines intelligent data capture software provides the powerful, class-leading capabilities that support clients across a wide range of industries in optimising their customer experiences.



document types

Ticketing ID-Check

Smart ID Engine authenticates passenger identities in a matter of seconds. By making online flight check-ins and bus/train on-boarding faster and more convenient, it helps airlines and train/bus ticket outlets to provide a smarter, customer-friendly user experience.


Online Payments

Smart Code Engine makes mobile cashless and online payments easy and secure. Once integrated into a mobile app, desktop or server platform, the SDK captures card data in seconds – directly onto the device in real-time. Supporting indent, embossed and flat-printed credit and debit bank cards of any type, the software helps banks, financial institutions, insurers and retail companies provide faster, more convenient and more secure services to their clients.


User Onboarding

Our OCR software allows you to conveniently and securely retrieve passport, driving licence and other identification document data from a video stream, and also recognises photos and scans.

Car-Sharing Registration

Smart ID Engine captures data quickly and securely. Used worldwide by car-sharing and car-rental companies as well as law enforcement agencies, the software verifies a driver’s identity in a single click, taking business-customer interactions to the next level.



Smart Code Engine is designed to support international payment services, making it far easier to make and accept card-not-present payments. The software is used by online stores to improve the e-commerce payment experience. By retailers to streamline in-store payments. And by banks to provide a smoother, more straightforward customer service, allowing customers to instantly scan and pay bills and invoices from anywhere.


Age Verification

Smart ID Engine uses the camera of a mobile device to quickly capture data from documents and check a person’s age and date of birth. The software is commonly used to support age-restricted sales.

Government &
Public Sector

The front line of innovation. Smart Engines supplies trusted document recognition and verification software available to meet the needs of police and migration authorities worldwide.

Banking &

The application of science. We supply the banking industry with best-in-class technology to accelerate customer onboarding, ensure loan and credit card applications are automated, in addition to secure invoice processing, extraction of data from credit reports, and other banking documents.

Hospitality &

The science of the scan. Smart Engines OCR technology completely eliminates the need to manually enter data, transforming the customer experience within the hotel and tax-free shopping sectors.


Innovation accelerated. Smart Engines document recognition technology supports a smoother journey that begins long before passengers reach the airport.

Real Estate

Powering innovation. Smart Engines intelligent document recognition technology is supporting the success of a new generation of online-based real estate agency – making it possible to purchase a new apartment in just minutes.


Super-streamlined customer service. Smart Engines OCR technology allows mobile operators to process and deliver SIM cards, devices, and accessories purchased online within just two hours.

Retail &
Consumer Goods

Taking OCR further, faster. Passport Engine automates the VAT refund process at airport terminals worldwide, meaning one less queue for passengers to endure.

Engineering &
System Integration

Engineered for the future. Smart Engines software is the natural choice for system integration engineers who wish to ensure their customers remain at the forefront of digital transformation.

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Technology – The System

Our specialized recognition SDK works stand alone across servers, desktops, mobile operating systems and platforms such as x86, ARM, SPARC, MIPS.

Mobile SDK

iOS, Android

Desktop SDK

Windows, Linux, macOS

Server SDK

Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, and others), Windows, Solaris

Test Drive Our Smart Engines

Free demo apps allow you to experience the power of Smart Engines software for intelligent document scanning in a real-world context.

Why not experience the power of Smart Engines for yourself? Our demo apps allow you to test the capabilities of our identity document recognition software on mobile devices in videostream or in a single image (photo, scan).

Simply display any document to the camera in real-time or choose a photo from the gallery, and the app will recognize and capture the necessary data.

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