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Installment buying made easy for Kari’s customers with Smart Passport Reader.

International footwear, clothing and accessories retailer Kari introduced passport recognition technology developed by Smart Engines into its mobile application. The app is used by employees of Kari retail stores and allows them to quickly enroll customers in Kari’s installments program to let them pay for purchases over time. Kari network has more than 1,000 footwear stores around Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

In order to process the application for installments the employees do not need to input the data from customer passport manually; instead, they are invited to point the identification document to the camera of the smartphone, and all the necessary information from the document is automatically extracted and entered into the application form just like that.

Smart Passport Reader ensures secure document processing since all calculations are performed solely on the device without transferring data to a server or cloud.

The challenge was to come up with a solution that would combine the advanced capabilities of modern fin-tech services while considering the retail industry specifics. In the course of the project we managed to improve one of our KPI’s – reduce the waiting period between processing the application and issuing installment approvals to customers in our stores by three times, thanks to document recognition.

Sergey Shavin
IT Director

I would like to recognize the professionalism of both Kari and Lad Group development teams, which managed to deliver the project fast and at a high technological level. Technical implementation this this once again reaffirm the effectiveness of recognition technology and its must-have status for the finance mobile applications.

Vladimir Arlazarov
Smart Engines

British American Tobacco


British American Tobacco (BAT) Russia uses Smart Engines data recognition technologies to register customers into company’s database.

By integrating the automatic passport recognition module into BAT Russia mobile application, the company facilitates online customers on-boarding flow, thus improving user experience. Before, in order to register customers in the database, British American Tobacco employees had to import user’s passport data manually. Smart Passport Reader enables automatic user registration by simply pointing the identity document to the camera of the mobile device. Smart Passport Reader recognizes and extracts passport data necessary to fill out the registration fields in less than two seconds.

Integration of Smart Passport Reader into mobile application allows to recognize documents either in a video stream or from images. Data extraction is performed offline on the device in real time without being transferred to a cloud or any external servers.

The integration of Smart Engines automatic document recognition technology has made the user on-boarding process easier and faster. Before, our employees had to fill in all the fields manually. Smart Passport Reader provides high quality data recognition and simplifies the registration process for our consumers.

Igor Yagubkin
Trade Marketing Director
BAT Russia

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