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ID data capture technology based on proprietary OCR software developed at Smart Engines

data security 

Smart Engines solution ensuring personal data security by using only RAM of the device. The system does not save, store or transfer data over internet to cloud or external servers for processing.

Among our Clients

Versatile OCR Solution

Identity documents data can be exported via
mobile phone, desktop or server platforms



iOS, Android



Linux, Windows, macOS and Solaris
Operating Systems




Introducing recognition of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Documents

Smart Engines software supports 20,941 Chinese, 12,912 Japanese, and 11,172 Korean characters without sending any personal data to clouds or servers.

Our OCR Products

Smart Passport Reader

Passport Reader is a passport capture solution that recognizes passports of every country in the world, and its set of functions allows to capture not only text data, but also capture the image of the entire document, scan passport photo and the graphic fields (signature).

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Smart MRZ Reader

MRZ Reader allows to quickly capture the Machine Readable Zone from a passport, visa or any other document issued by the government in accordance with ISO / ICAO standards (IEC 7501-1 / ICAO Document 9303 ISO) automatically in the video stream.

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Smart BankCard Reader

Bank Card Reader enables to extract bank card number, its expiry date and the name of a cardholder in real time from any device equipped with a video camera with 640 × 480 pixels resolution. Integrate this recognition technology into your payment services.

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Smart Plate Reader

License Plate Reader is an ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) solution which allows to recognize car plate numbers from smartphones and tablets (Android / iOs) on the fly.

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Smart Engines Technology



While performing the recognition, our software continuously monitors the process on the reliability of the results against targets and warns the user about possible errors.



It takes only 0.07 seconds to perform a document recognition on modern processors. The full recognition cycle from “showing” the document to the camera and having the results is around 1 – 1.5 seconds.



With our OCR software you can conveniently and securely retrieve data in a video stream from passports, driver’s licenses and other identification documents, as well as recognize photos and scans of documents.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Optimized for: x86, SPARC, MIPS, ARM
Works on: iOS, Android, Sailfish, Mobile OS RUS, Linux, Windows, macOS and Solaris Operating Systems

Data Security

Data Security

Smart Engines solution only uses RAM of the device and does not create copies; the data is not transferred to any cloud or server over the internet for processing, thus ensuring personal data security which complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018.

OCR library

OCR library

Our platform supports 38 languages, and recognizes more than 700 document types from 165 countries, including ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, visas, health insurance cards and more.

How it Works

Place your scanning device in front of the document


The software will determine the type of the document, recognize text fields, machine readable zones (MRZ, VIZ), photos and signatures automatically


Our software allows to extract data from faded documents and in any lighting conditions

Meanwhile, you can assess the reliability of results on certain fields upon request


The full recognition cycle starting from “showing” the document to a camera to obtaining the result takes 1 – 1.5 seconds



Ticketing ID-Check

Authentication of passengers in a matter of seconds. Used by airlines, train/bus ticket selling companies around the world for customer-friendly and smart user experience. With Smart ID Reader the online flight check in, bus/train on-boarding becomes more convenient and fast.

Online Payments

Cashless and online payments made easy and secure. When integrated into a mobile app, desktop or server platforms, the SDK allows customers capture bank cards in seconds on the device in real time. The system supports indent/embossed/flat printed credit or debit bank cards of any type and helps banks, financial institutions, insurance and retail companies provide fast, convenient and secure services for their clients.

User Onboarding

Automates user registration by allowing to scan ID documents on the fly. Our system is used by major banks, insurance companies, telecom service providers, transportation companies, and helps to authentify their customers as those access various services.

Car-sharing registration

Driver’s Licence Scanning solution ensures quick and secure capture of driver’s documents. Used by car-sharing and car-rental companies, as well as police officials around the world, our software allows to verify driver’s identity in one click, thus taking business-customer interactions across various channels to the next level.


QR-Code Reader by Smart Engines for international payment services. Makes it easier to make/accept card-non-present payments for both businesses and individuals. Used by: online stores to improve the e-commerce payment experience; by retailers — to facilitate in-store payment; and banks, that wish to provide their clients with a smooth and easy customer service, letting them scan and pay their bills/invoices instantly and remotely.

Age Verification

Smart Engines ID scanner captures the document using the camera of the device and checks the person’s age and date of birth, and is used for age restricted sales facilitation.

Areas of Use


Financial Institutions and Fintech


Engineering and System Integration


Hospitality and Tourism



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