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Document capture technology Smart IDReader has been integrated into EXPRESS document management system, which is used by 6,500 notaries around Russia. Developed by a software development company Triasoft — expert in business processes automation, the system is designed specifically for notaries and includes a powerful document generator as well as a convenient text editor. By being complimented with the document recognition module from Smart Engines, the system has significantly advanced its service functionality — it now allows capturing clients’ personal data from a regular webcam.

To ensure lawful notarization, notaries require proper identification prior to providing any services to their clients. The problem here is that, when not automated, the process requires collecting and inputting the personal data into the CRM system manually, which not only becomes error prone, but also increases customer service time. Thus, the introduction of document capture technologies facilitates the identification procedure by allowing acquiring client data automatically by simply showing their identity document to the web camera. The system captures and extracts the recognized data in less than two seconds — quickly and accurately, regardless of lighting conditions or technical capabilities of the web camera.

The recognition process is performed in real time without transferring data to external servers, and it goes like this: during the entire scanning process, which happens in the video stream, the software continuously identifies the document in every separate shot and captures the frame to collect the data from it; it then consolidates all the acquired data and provides the user with an output result. It is the interframe integration of recognition results that ensures high quality of Smart IDReader, however the system is able to confidently recognize all the details from the very single shot, in which case the recognition process stops even sooner.

“Triasoft is an expert in notarial services industry and has significant experience in this complex and quite a conservative segment. Our cooperation with them has allowed us to cover 80% of the market in less than 1.5 years. Even such seemingly conventional industries have gradually started abandoning the traditional ways of dealing with document processes and moving to technological solutions that make it easier for the users to perform routine functions and reduce the waiting time for the end customers.” Vladimir Arlazarov, Ph.D., CEO, Smart Engines.

“The solution developed by Smart Engines allows our customers to reduce equipment costs, and turn the identification procedure into a quick, intuitive and secure process. The automated ID capture has in fact become the standard tool for almost every notary and notary assistant in our country.” Anatoly Gusev, General Director,  Triasoft.

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