30.08.2021 г.

Browser SDK

Due to the WebAssembly (WASM) support, the Smart ID Engine face verification solution can be implemented in all up-to-date devices with installed browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari), including smart TVs and consoles. The software does not require special applications or special plugins. The use of original neural network architectures allows you to process video data obtained from low-end webcams with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. It is important to stress that images and data are not transferred to third parties or services.

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Our customers


Smart ID Engine is integrated into customer age verification platform VerifyMyAge

BioCollections Worldwide

BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines improves passenger onboarding in its app with passport scanning by Smart Engines

Blockpass IDN

Identity verification service Blockpass advances its KYC solution with Smart Engines

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