Smart Engines advantage

Smart Engines Technologies answer the challenges that organizations nowadays face in term of documents recognition and business processes automation. Our customers and trusted partners are working with us because they are looking for the most reliable Computer Vision solutions available on the market providing the highest quality results to process their business with efficiency. Our goal is simple: helping them to get the job done!

We offer new opportunities to improve business performance with the possibility of extracting data in the video stream of mobile devices and web cameras. Our technological distinction when creating optical character recognition (OCR) for applications is that all the computations are done on the device in real time, without sending any data to external services.


  • High-precision OCR

HIEROGLYPH delivers the best quality document recognition for very demanding customers.

  • Speed

HIEROGLYPH optimized the image processing and document analysis algorithms for delivering the fastest recognition system.

  • Security

HIEROGLYPH runs completely autonomously on customer’s devices without data transmission to any external servers or clouds.

  • Versatility

HIEROGLYPH works on mobile, desktop and server platforms and allows Smart Engines to create bespoke solutions on customer’s unique requests.


The HIEROGLYPH technology is the extraordinary outcome of years of scientific research at the highest level conducted by Smart Engines R&D team. Our technology provides a unique software architecture and a very specific design that combine modern computer vision methods and algorithms that can solve many types of problems related to recognition.

Identity faces, digits or letters is just a first step towards OCR technologies, but the real issue solved by HIEROGLYPH go far further than just separating shapes and object from a background. This exclusive Smart Engines technology successfully take the challenge by combining the entire visible data to understand and extract the complicated concept that relies on.

In other words, HIEROGLYPH provides an access and an understanding of the big picture.