Tinkoff is Russia’s first and only direct bank with over 5 million customers. CS Group PLC, the bank holding company has been listed on the London stock exchange since October 2013.

As one of the highest-scoring independent bank in Russia, Tinkoff Bank relies on cutting edge technology to achieve the smoothest and most convenient delivery of its products to its clients. With absolutely no retail branches, this customer-centric bank serves its clients remotely via online channels and its call center. Thus, the automatization and simplification of data manipulation becomes essential for this fintech company.

The challenge that faces Smart engines to make Tinkoff‘s vision a reality.

Tinkoff Bank’s vision was to simplify data entry in their mobile applications infrastructure to improve the speed and accuracy of the bank’s representative when registering client’s data. The immediate consequence is to save Tinkoff ‘s clients’ time by improving in the meantime their experience. The bank signed up a partnership with Smart Engines for their OCR bank cards and ID recognition solution.
Powered by the Hieroglyph technology, those 2 solutions allowed Tinkoff Bank to recognize all digital and alphabetic fields on bank cards to automatically extract not only the card number, but also the expiration date and card holder name. This functionality has become relevant for Tinkoff Bank with the need to enter clients’ full information about the card when carrying out various payment transactions.
The Smart IDReader bank cards recognition module has provided high quality recognition in various lighting conditions, for any background images of cards, as well as when entering data from old bank cards. The achieved precision of bankcard numbers is currently reaching a staggering 99.52% of successful recognition.
In addition, Tinkoff Bank uses on server-side the Smart Engines solutions in order to analyze scans and photographs of ID by creating a whole ecosystem of innovative document processing technology.

As at 1 August 2017, the bank was the second largest player in the Russian credit card market, with market share of 11, 5%.

We are actively integrating the technologies which allows to save our clients’ time and which are improving the user experience. The solutions of Smart Engines for recognition of various identity documents allowed us to simplify user data entry on mobile devices and in web-services.

Vyacheslav Tsyganov
Tinkoff Bank



Aeroflot introduces bank-card and document recognition on mobile apps

Aeroflot has added a bank-card recognition module to its iOS and Android apps. Using a device’s built-in camera to read information on a bank card makes buying tickets significantly faster and raises the quality of service provided.

Before buying tickets using the app, users can enter all their card details simply by holding the card in front of the device’s camera for a few seconds. Scanning the card automatically enters the card number, expiration date and the name of the cardholder into the payment form, and works even for cards with a high level of protection. The Smart IDReader technology, developed by Russian company Smart Engines, contains a feature that makes it particularly appealing to customers in Russia – it recognises cards issued by the Russian national payment system Mir, which counts over 350 participating banks across Russia.

The mobile apps also now include document scanning and recognition, and can recognise ID documents and use them to automatically fill in passenger data fields. The average time to fully process the document is around 1-2 seconds. Using this function the required fields can be quickly filled in automatically, saving a significant amount of time.

Development of mobile apps is a key areas of Aeroflot’s strategy. The company uses the latest techniques for developing mobile apps, which provide a new level of quality in terms of passenger service and offer a wide range of options from flight check-in and access to personal accounts to choosing the correct fare and quickly purchasing tickets.

Aeroflot is one of the leaders in passenger aviation in the use of digital technologies, both in Russia and internationally. In 2017, the company was awarded the TADVISER IT-PRIZE 2017 in the nomination “Mobile Application of the Year”.

Source: https://www.aeroflot.ru/ru-en/news/60725

A key player of the Tourism industry.

Tax refund has become a standard in the world-wide tourism industry, especially for Asian people who enjoy shopping. Alterknowledge is a leader in the innovation of the tourism industry. This Japanese company has successfully simplified the procedures of VAT refund for tourists.

An app empowered by Smart Engines.

AlterKnowledge Inc. released a mobile application called “Smart DeTax” which is designed to simplify the procedure of preparing consumer tax refund documents. In order to extract data from identification documents “Smart DeTax” solution use the Smart Engines product “Smart MRZ Reader”.

Improvement of the customer’s experience by speeding up the process to avoid long an endless queue at the VAT airport desk.

In order to prepare tax refund receipt the cashier shows the identification document of the customer to a camera of a smartphone with “Smart DeTax” application installed. The app performs MRZ recognition in real-time and the data is transfered to a portable receipt printer via WiFi or Bluetooth. The procedure of getting a tax refund receipt starting from scanning an ID document and ending with a receipt printing takes around 3-5 seconds.

Scanning speed and accuracy of Smart 3D OCR MRZ is an innovative application to overturn the concept of a traditional dedicated OCR equipment.
For PC and the problem of dedicated OCR devices are aggregated to one stood smartphone device, in duty free business in Japan of the retail in distribution industry, significant operational efficiency and cost savings have been achieved. In the near future, this Smart 3D OCR MRZ is not limited to the duty-free operations, it will be deployed in various OCR operations in Japan.

Manabu Iwasaki
AlterKnowledge Inc Japan

Improving the user experience is a key element to remain competitive.

Remote authentication of a customer is one of the toughest problem in modern financial, governmental and other industries. Post Bank implemented a technical solution for the entire retail network that allows to automate the manual process of entering new clients’ passport data when processing financial products. The document entry technology provided by Smart Engines allowed Post Bank to become one of the first banks in Russia to have a sophisticated ID entry system which improves user experience like never before.

Smart Engines helped Post Bank for speeding up their business process.

The new service processes a copy or photograph of the client’s passport made by a bank employee using a scanner or web camera, automatically reads information from the image and prefills the fields in the corresponding section of the front CRM system with the data of the second and third pages of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. If the data is recognized correctly, then they are entered automatically. If not, the blank fields will be highlighted in red in order to minimize the risk of further use of incorrect data.

A technology that increase the productivity, then the profitability.

After prefilling the required forms, the employee of the front line checks the client’s passport data with the original document. The productivity of the technical solution for processing passports is 7,500 document recognitions in an hour per single CPU core. At the same time, recognition of one passport image takes less than 1 second.

We found Smart Engines a reliable provider for identity documents recognition technologies. The solution of Smart Engines allowed us to optimize the forms filling process: reduce entry time and minimize staff mistakes during data entry for a range of bank’s financial products. While choosing the recognition system such criteria as recognition precision, speed, support for different platforms, availability, and well-time technical support were of great importance support to us.

Grigory Babadzhanyan
Vice President, Head of Retail Business Development
PJSC “Post Bank”

BeepCar, a ride sharing project of the @Mail.Ru Group launched a personal identity confirmation service with a passport using technology provided by Smart Engines.

Ride sharing is the new and growing way to travel by car. The driver offers a spare seat in their car to passengers who are heading to the same travel destination. The driver and passengers all share journey costs between each other, which works out cheaper for everyone. You no longer have to depend on public transport schedule, nor do you have to go on long tedious car journeys all by yourself – BeepCar app will find you company! Make and model of the car info is also available to the passenger.

With this kind of innovation the security of passengers and the security of transactions is of paramount importance. As all operations are done remotely, the personal identity confirmation becomes the key to success of the service.

The user will be able to download his ID card to the application and, upon successful verification, receive an identity confirmation icon. It will be visible when searching for drivers and will become an additional guarantee of the user’s reliability. For users who do not pass the test, there will not be any restrictions. The company believes that if a person is not afraid to confirm the identity of a passport, then the credibility of such a user increases.

A Silicon Valley player

In 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, founders Fareed Ahmad and Aditya Thyagarajan started a project called HotelKey. The idea was to create an effortless user experience to tackle operational challenges for small to mid-size hotels. Both founders recognized that a cloud-based mobile platform was the next digital breakthrough.

Smart Engines mission: to simplify check-in process

The integration of document recognition software from Smart Engines in HotelKey mobile applications allows near-instant entry of guest ID information through the scanning of a passport. After the passport with machine-readable zone (MRZ) has been scanned using a smartphone or tablet, the guest information is immediately entered into the HotelKey infrastructure, without any need for a user to manually enter all of the guest information.

Simply a revolution

The main technological advantage of Smart Engines’ solution, its high-precision and high-speed document recognition using video stream performed securely on the device itself, allowed HotelKey to bring their products to a new level, serving the ever-expanding hospitality industry.

Document recognition on mobile devices is revolutionary for the hotel industry. A partnership with Smart Engines has allowed us to deploy innovative advances in guests service, as well mobile self-service during booking and registration.

Fareed Ahmad
CEO & Founder

A leading Integrator

Leading systems integrator in Romania working in B2B and B2G sectors, S&T Romania, have chosen document recognition technologies in mobile applications, developed by specialists from Smart Engines.

S&T Romania is a subsidiary of S&T System Integration and Technology Distribution AG, a corporation based in Austria. The company’s activities include software development, consulting, projects management and technical support for customers.

A High Quality MRZ Reader

In scope of the project lead by S&T Romania, Smart Engines delivered a high-quality machine-readable zone (MRZ) recognition solution for Android mobile devices to be used by more than 20 000 agents.

Smart MRZ Reader reduces the time for data entry

The integration of Smart Engines’ document recognition technology in mobile application allows to decrease the time needed to enter the personal data down to 1-2 seconds. The user only needs to show the MRZ document zone to the smartphone’s camera. After that the recognized data is entered automatically in appropriate fields of the application for further processing.

Smart Engines’ document recognition solution in video-stream is for us not only a compliance with modern trends of intense functionality increase for the mobile services, but also high-quality data recognition itself.

Cristian Necula
Managing Director



6profis.de ist eines der besucherstä̈rksten Erotikportale Deutschlands und verfügt über ein professionelles Sexworker-Management-System. Diese einzigartige Branchensoftware bietet smarte Lösungen zum Prostituiertenschutzgesetz, Datenschutzgesetz sowie den Problemen bei der Außendarstellung bzw. der Umsatzsteuerhinzurechnung und ermöglicht es Bordell-Betreibern ihre komplette Werbung unkompliziert zu managen. 6profis.de ist ein Produkt der AudaMedia Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG mit Sitz in Deutschland.

Prostituiertenschutzgesetz: Künstliche Intelligenz soll Bordelle retten

Seit Mitte 2017 sorgt das Prostituiertenschutzgesetz für Angst bei Prostituierten, Schrecken bei den Bordellbetreibern und Verunsicherung bei den Freiern. Hilfe kommt jetzt aus der IT-Branche. Eine Hightech App mit künstlicher Intelligenz hilft Bordellen und Prostituierten, den Verwaltungsberg zu überwinden. Die App soll Bordell-Besitzer wie auch Prostituierte vor möglichen Verstößen schützen und die Sorge vor Kontrollen nehmen, damit sie nicht in die Illegalität abtauchen.

Die 6profis-App vom gleichnamigen Erotikportal 6profis.de basiert auf künstlicher Intelligenz und ist die erste App in Deutschland, mit der Bordellbetreiber sowie Prostituierte die Auflagen und Pflichten des ProstituiertenSchutzGesetzes (kurz: ProstSchG) mit nur wenigen Klicks spielend einfach einhalten können.

Das Gesetz im Griff

Mit der 6profis-App können Bordellbetreiber und Prostituierte die Bürokratie rund um das Gesetz bequem und rechtskonform managen. Da sich die App so leicht bedienen lässt wie ein Messanger, kann man sie ohne Anlernzeiten sofort benutzen.

Das Gesetz sieht zum Schutz der Sex-ArbeiterInnen unter anderem eine Anmeldepflicht sowie eine Pflicht zu regelmäßigen Gesundheitsberatungen vor. Allerdings haben die Gültigkeit der Gesundheitsberatung und die der Anmeldebescheinigung unterschiedliche Laufzeiten. Beispielsweise muss eine Person unter 21 Jahren alle sechs Monate zur Beratung und alle zwölf Monate zur Anmeldung. Hier verschafft die App dem Nutzer Klarheit und meldet sich sobald die nächste Gesundheitsberatung fällig wird oder Anmeldebescheinigungen ablaufen.

Zudem sind Aufzeichnungspflichten jeglicher Vereinbarungen und Verträge zu beachten. Dazu zählen beispielsweise die Kontrolle der Gültigkeit der Dokumente sowie deren Aufzeichnung. Diese Vereinbarungen sind laut Gesetz in Textform zu erfassen und müssen zwei Jahre aufbewahrt und dann gelöscht werden. Mit der App können all diese Dokumente nun mühelos mit dem Smartphone eingescannt und die Anmelde- bzw. Alias-Bescheinigung ausgelesen werden.
So ist es kein Problem mehr, diese Dokumente zu verwalten und bei unangekündigten Kontrollen vorzulegen, um die Konzession des Betriebs nicht zu gefährden.

App mit künstlicher Intelligenz

Gemeinsam mit dem russischen Unternehmen Smart Engine wurde die Technologie Hieroglyph in die 6profis-App implementiert. Dadurch ist es möglich, Dokumente wie die Anmeldebescheinigungen der Prostituierten völlig autark ohne Datenübertragung auszulesen.

Mit der Entwicklung von Hieroglyph gelang es den Wissenschaftlern von Smart Engine, die große rechnerische Komplexität von Standardlösungen im Bereich der optischen Zeichenerkennung (englische Abkürzung OCR) deutlich zu reduzieren. Das sichere Erkennen und Auslesen der Anmeldebescheinigung hat Hieroglyph mittels neuronaler Netze erlernt. Hieroglyph erkennt sämtliche Texte des behördlichen Dokuments, sodass mit der 6profis-App auch Verträge mit den Daten der Prostituierten aus der Bescheinigung generiert und verarbeitet werden können.

Schon heute ist Hieroglyph in der Lage, Pässe, ID-Karten und Führerscheine auszulesen, die in über 55 Ländern verwendet werden. Diese Technologie ist weltweit einzigartig, weshalb sich 6profis.de die Exklusivrechte für die deutsche Bordell-Branche gesichert hat.
Das Ergebnis der Kooperation zwischen dem Betreiber des Erotikportals 6profis.de und der Smart Engines steht kostenlos in den APP-Stores zur Verfügung.

Das Ergebnis der Kooperation zwischen dem Betreiber des Erotikportals 6profis.de und der Smart Engines steht kostenlos in den APP-Stores zur Verfügung.

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